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    Available for preorder is a LIMITED EDITION F-4 Phantom II Active Duty Wing/Group/Squadron Patch Collection. All active duty F-4 and RF-4 Wings/Groups/Squadrons are featured, to include the fighter and reconnaissance units.

    Units featured are: 1st TFW/3rd TFW/4th TFW/8th TFW/10th TRW/12th TFW/15th TFW/18th TFW/21st TFW/21st CW/26th TRW/31st TFW/32nd TFS/33rd TFW/35th TFW/36th TFW/37th TFW/49th TFW/50th TFW/51st TFW/52nd TFW/57th FIS/58th TFW/58th TFTW/67th TRW/81st TFW/86th TFW/347th TFW/343rd TFW/343rd TFG/354th TFW/363rd TRW/366th TFW/388th TFW/401st TFW/405th TFW/405th TTW/432nd TRW/474th TFW/475th TFW/479th TFW.

    There will only be twenty four (24) sets offered for sale. Once these are sold, they will not be offered again. Cost is $320.00 for a set of forty (40) patches. The patches are 4 inch, full-color, fully embroidered patches.

    4" tall by 4" wide. Extremely High Quality and Made In The USA by Shelby Patch Company, Shelby, Michigan.