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    Limited Edition Commemorative Challenge Coin Struck just before the F-4 Society's 2016 PhanCon at Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, NM. The heavy Challenge Coin Honors the F-4 Phantom II's 58 years of USAF Service.

    Coin was designed to honor both "First Flight" as F-4H1 with Test Pilot Mr. Bob Little and its "Last Flight" as a QF-4E with USAF Lt. Col. "Ron "Elvis" King as its pilot. Both gathered in St. Louis, MO. during 2016 sharing their experiences with the Phantom II. The photograph of both is posted on the F-4 Society's Main webpage.

    The Coin is of highest quality without defect at 2.00 inch (5.08 cm) Diameter x 0.118 inch (0.30 cm) thick weighing just under 2 US Ounces. The coin recognizes the F-4 Phantom II's 1st Flight on 27 May, 1958 and the Last Flight with USAF Pilot and 82nd DET C.O., Lt. Col. Ron "Elvis" King, December 2016.

    Each of these high quality and durable Commemorative Coins were designed and produced in the USA.

    Once gone, they will be gone forever.