Special Offer To All PhanCon 2016 Attendees!

The F-4 Society Store offers a Limited Edition Special Lithograph Commemorating the "Phinal Phlight" of the actual (2) F-4E's used as Phly-over and Static display aircraft only during the annual PhanCon 2016 event. Customers can order this Lithograph and other Store Merchandise before the event begins through the Store's website ending September 8th, 2016.

After ordering, the Store will package the order and prepared it for customer pickup at the Vendor Room's "Will Call" desk at no charge for packaging or shipping. Attendees / Customers can pickup their order through September 15th.

Once the order is picked up by the customer, any shipping or handling costs paid prior by the attendee/customer on thier order, will be refunded back to them electronically the week following the event. Any order without customer's pickup during the event, will be returned to the Store and shipped/invoiced normally.

This Special No Ship Cost offer expires at Midnight US-CDT September 8th, 2016.

Contact the F-4 Soceity Store Manager with any questions or concerns.

Paul Kuzinski, F-4 Phantom II Soceity Store Manager


All Tim McGovern, Black/White and Color Lithographs and Prints are eligible for a "BOGO" (Buy-On-Get-One) 50% Off Sale now through September 15, 2016.

Customers that buy the first one, will get the second, either of the lesser or equal listed price item 50% off. For every additional item purchased, a fourth item can be added. If two items are the highest listed priced items, the two lesser items listed cost will receive 50% off of those two lesser items automatically calculated by the F-4 Store's E-Commerce Order System.

For Example; Buy any single McGovern Print/Lithograph, then get any second Print or Lithograph from McGovern that is equal to the first item or is lesser than the first item value at 50% off.

Buy a third McGovern then get an additional fourth item eligible for the "BOGO" 50% discount. That is, any two of the four items that are equal to or of lesser price listed items of the top two list price items, and of those items will be automatically discounted at 50% off of each item.

If a fifth McGovern is added to the same cart, the customer can choose any additional McGovern and add to their cart. The "BOGO" discount will re-calculate the top three items and discount the lesser or equal to bottom three items at 50% off and so on.

The Society's Store Order system will automatically list and calculate the total discount in the customers cart before the customer completes the order process.

There is no limit on any order or any additional future customer order. The number of items eligible has no limit that a customer can place in that customer's cart.

Customers can contact the F-4 Society Merchandise Manager with questions. Contact information is posted on the F-4 Society's Store at the bottom of this page.


"Angel's Truck Stop"

A stunning book written by:

Angelica "Angel" Pilato's Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.), Ph.D.

20% Discount to F-4 Phantom II Members!

Lt. Col. Angelica "Angel" Pilato is a member of the F-4 Phantom II Society and spoke to our 2015 conference in Tucson on "Her Love Affair with the F-4 Phantom." She received a standing ovation and kept the audience laughing with her engaging stories.

Her memoir "Angel’s Truck Stop: A Woman’s Love, Laughter and Loss during the Vietnam War" highlights the choices, conflicts and challenges she faced as the first Air Force Woman Officer to manage an Officers’ Club in a war zone at Udorn Air Base, Thailand.

There she encounters testosterone-fueled fighter pilots that take off on sorties over dangerous targets in North Vietnam – their mission - to kill MiGs. Some come back, many do not. When they are victorious, they celebrate by parking their squadron truck in the O-Club lobby and then heading to the bar to drink until sunrise.

The fighter pilots christen the Officers' Club "Angel’s Truck Stop", which becomes the backdrop for the hilarious and at times, heart-wrenching story she tells. This memoir keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end.

Cost to F-4 Phantom II Society members: $19.95 USD (regular $25.00)

Shipping Costs in U.S. $3.95 - For shipping outside the U.S. contact the author.

10% of sales from F-4 members will be donated to the F-4 Phantom II Society.

To Get the Book..., Click on the Link Below;



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