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    Hellenic F-4E 01529
    117th Combat Wing
    339th All Wx Interceptor Sqdn
    Andravida AB
    Color Litho is; 12.00 inches x 16.50 inches
    Translation of lithograph: Among the Air Forces that decided to upgrade its F-4Es was the Hellenic Air Force (HAF). According to the specifications set by the HAF, the upgrade should involve the electronics, including a new radar, and the structure of the aircraft. 39 F-4Es were set to be upgraded by German DASA in 1997 and undertaken by Hellenic Aerospace Industry in Tanagra. Very briefly, the upgraded Phantoms received the Hughes APG-65GY radar (also fitted on the F-18C/Ds), the Honeywell H-764G navigation system combining LINS and GPS, NAVCOM AN/APN-232 CARA radar altimeter and Elbit MMRC (Modular Multi-Role Computer). The cockpits are enhanced with three (also Elbit) MFDs, new DTS and the imaging system V-80AB-F. The upgraded HAF F-4Es will be capable of carrying the AIM-120 AMRAAM, for interception and the AGM-65G Maverick and AGM-130, for ground attack and various target identification pods.